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Discover the full potential of your Tesla

At Autofocus Solution, we understand your desire for excellence and innovation in every aspect of your Tesla. That’s why we offer a meticulously curated selection of interior and exterior upgrades, designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comfort of your vehicle. 

Explore our exclusive range of Tesla upgrades and transform your ride into a masterpiece of technology and style.

Tesla Dynamic Ambient Lighting

Dynamic Ambient Lighting

Tesla Soft Closing Door

Soft Closing Door

Tesla Auto Presenting Door Handle

Auto Presenting Door Handle

Tesla Intelligent Instrument Display 3.5 Mini

Intelligent Instrument Display 3.5 Mini

Tesla 7.0 Pro Rear Entertainment System

7.0 Pro Rear Entertainment System

Tesla New Yoke Steering Wheel(Model S:X style)

New Yoke Steering Wheel(Model S/X style)

Yoke Steering Wheel

Yoke Steering Wheel

Tesla Electric Sunshade Lite

Electric Sunshade Lite

Tesla Rear Seats Control

Rear Seats Control

Tesla Starlink Cross Taillight

Carlink Cross Taillight

Tesla Optical Pilot Light

Optical Pilot Light

Tesla Minimalist Cross Taillight

Minimalist Cross Taillight

Tesla Intelligent Instrument Display 3.5 Mini

Intelligent Instrument Display 3.5 Mini

Tesla Fishbone Taillight copy

7.0 Pro Rear Entertainment System

Tesla Multi Direction Screen Swivel Kit

Multi Direction
Screen Swivel Kit

Tesla Power Trunk

Power Trunk

Tesla Power Frunk 2.0

Power Frunk 2.0

Tesla Rear Seat Folding Table

Rear Seat Folding Table

Tesla 9.0 HD LCD CarPlay Screen

9.0" HD LCD CarPlay Screen

Tesla Foot Mats

Foot Mats

Tesla price list19

Kick Open Car Boot Sensor

Personalize Your Electric Elegance

Our selection of Tesla upgrades embodies the essence of luxury, innovation, and performance. Whether it’s through the elegant simplicity of the Minimalist Cross Taillight or the sophisticated functionality of the Power Frunk 2.0, each upgrade is designed to upgrade your Tesla’s stature and deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Explore our range of premium upgrades to experience these enhancements firsthand. Our team of Tesla car experts is dedicated to helping you customise your Tesla to perfection, ensuring it reflects your unique style and meets your highest expectations.

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